Who is Greenbridge Foodservice?

Greenbridge Foodservice is a national foodservice sales and marketing organization dedicated to supporting Canadian privately owned and operated foodservice distributors by encouraging sales of national branded products across the country. We accomplish this through our best-in-class marketing and our very effective Brand Points PLUS operator loyalty program.

How did we get started?

Greenbridge President and CEO Brian Hopkins realized in 2014 there was a need for a new national foodservice distribution network focused on making the industry more transparent. Brainstorming for months and presenting his ideas to industry influencers, he proceeded to fill the void in what was considered the traditional foodservice landscape. That’s when the real legwork began and when Greenbridge Foodservice was created.

Where is Greenbridge today?

Designed to support manufacturer branded products, Greenbridge has grown to serve more than 12,000 foodservice operators, over 7,000 branded products, more than 250 sales professionals, and 7 distributor member companies from coast to coast. It’s a testament to the success of our approach that we have experienced significant double digit growth since the inception of Greenbridge.

We continue to find ways to be of greater service to our customers. Today, Greenbridge provides the most actionable data and insights in the industry. We make this information available to our valued brand partners and distributor network to help them make informed decisions about products and programs that will mutually help grow their businesses.

What sets Greenbridge apart is our focus on building long-term strategic relationships that are mutually beneficial. Our dedication to our distributor-members and brand partners guides us in making our partnerships successful.